Coleman Rechargeable LED Lantern

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Best Coleman Rechargeable LED Lantern to buy

Coleman LED Quad Lantern

An area light and four portable lanterns in one clever unit, the Coleman LED Quad Lantern is a versatile choice for indoors or outdoors. The Quad Lantern’s four removable panels hold 24 LEDs total.

Product Research
  • “The light is very bright.” – Monchichipox
  • “Will come in handy for power outage emergencies.” – Lynn Estell
  • “Each panel is bright enough to light up a whole room on it’s own.” – jhooley

Coleman Twin LED Lantern

The famous, instantly-recognizable Coleman lantern, with the long life and quality of LED lighting. The Coleman Twin LED Lantern features two super-bright, long-lasting Cree Xlamp XR-E LEDs, shedding an impressive 390 lumens of light on the High setting.

Product Research
  • “This lantern does not have a cheap-build feel to it at all, and it puts off very good light.” – Darin M. White
  • “Very bright and lasts a long time but uses a lot of batteries.” – Lsqud
  • “They are very, very bright and will light up a whole room.” – Linda M. Bellis

Coleman 4D CPX6 High-Tech LED Lantern

Control how bright you want the light with the Coleman® CPX™ 6 High Tech LED Lantern. This rugged-style 360° light shines 190 lumens up to 23 ft. (7 m) on its highest setting and 10 lumens on the lowest.

Product Research
  • “It’s very bright.” – A user
  • “This lantern provides plenty of light for a small campsite, tent, or a room in your house!” – OutdoorEnthusiast
  • “Very Bright, long battery life.” – Seth Jenkins

Coleman 4D CPS LED Duo Lantern

Tough and versatile, the Coleman 4D XPS LED Duo Lantern can operate as a single lantern with twelve 5-mm white LEDs, shedding 95 lumens of light — or separate the two rechargeable panels, for two separate lights shedding 48 lumens of light each.

Product Research
  • “They are very bright and super versatile.” – PappyF15
  • “It is efficient, bright and broadcasts enough light to sufficiently light an area of 600 sq ft (campsite, deck/porch, etc).” – Parker
  • “It was great that it came with a car charger and a wall charger.” – Denise Nikrasch

Coleman 8D Family Size LED Lantern

The Coleman 8D Family-Size LED Lantern is a strong, reliable light source for camping, fishing, travel, and as a standby for power outages and other emergencies.

Product Research
  • “They work great in any emergency, especially when an electrical outage occurs.” – Winston Winsborrow
  • “You can have a night light or a bright light.” – REX FISHER
  • “I have one of these myself and liking it as much as I do I gave one as a Christmas present to my boss and his family .” – Robbie E. Davis

Coleman 4D XPS Classic Personal Size LED Lantern

The Coleman 4D XPS Classic Personal Size LED Lantern sheds 190 lumens of light, thanks to the super-bright Cree XLamp XR-E LED. The Lantern is Coleman XPS-compatible; it will run for up to 60 hours on High, 25 hours on Low, on 4 D-cell batteries — or use the optional 6V rechargeable battery pack (both sold separately).

Product Research
  • “I give this little lantern a 5 star, it does its job very well.” – mgarciber
  • “Great in a power outage — lights a small room.” – HeidiLaF
  • “It lights up an average sized room well enough to move around in and do basic activities.” – D. Mckinzie

Coleman LED Rechargeable Lantern

The famous, instantly-recognizable Coleman lantern, with the long life and quality of LED lighting and the convenience of rechargeable power. The Coleman LED Rechargeable Lantern features a super-bright, long-lasting Cree Xlamp XR-E LED, shedding 145 lumens of light on the High setting.

Product Research
  • “Overall, great product for the intended use of emergency lighting in the home or light for the campsite.” – N. Wereley
  • “It has both a cig lighter and wall plug recharger that fit in the base of the lamp.” – S. Swanson
  • “My only complaint is that if you leave it on for a long time it does start to get hot.” – TKE213

Coleman CPX 6 LED Work Lantern

The Coleman CPX 6 LED Work Lantern is versatile enough for any project and durable enough to withstand rugged use. The Work Lantern conveniently runs on either 4 D batteries (included) or the Coleman CPX 6 Rechargeable Power Cartridge (sold separately).

Product Research
  • “The strap design seems well thought out and very useful.” – Rafael
  • “The light is that white/blue light, so candles give much prettier light, but you can read by this light and it is easy to carry around.” – Buffy
  • “The battery lasts a very long time and is rechargeable.” – Larry Swanson

Coleman Twin High Power LED Lantern

When you need an extraordinarily bright, reliable light, you need the Coleman Twin High-Power LED Lantern. Coleman’s brightest battery lantern available, the Twin High-Power LED Lantern features four Cree LEDs, providing an impressive 580 lumens of light.

Product Research
  • “The light is very bright.” – bugZilla
  • “I did test this out in our rather large living room when it’s pitch black and it lights it up well enough for everyone to see everything.” – Craig
  • “Great for camping, power outages, or as a shed light.” – JBlairNJ

Coleman 4-in-1 Microburst Mini-Lantern

Clever, versatile, and powerful, the Coleman Microburst Mini-Lantern is four lights in one. Give one to each family member at the campsite or nighttime event! The four detachable light “pods” can be used separately — each has its own On/Off switch, runs for up to 12 continuous hours and sheds 10 lumens of light — or they can be docked into the base station for a single bright mini-lantern.

Product Research
  • “Gives off a lot of light for its small size.” – Sam
  • “They took them on cub scout campout and loved them.” – Grandma
  • “We’ve used this one on several occasions and it is good product.” – jdb

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